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Soup Kitchen Help Feed 1000 [Oct. 4th, 2009|10:54 pm]
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Because some things can't wait til tomorrow and I might forget the details e

We do not choose who to help. It doesn't have to be the poorest of the poor or the ones who are most affected by calamities. True, we try to give attention to those who have not received any help at all. Nevertheless, this is not an excuse to turn your back on people who have received aid yet still need help. We do not choose who to help.

Oct 4, sunday.
With over 4,000 egg-donations, overflowing kilos of rice and malagkit, we were able to feed the evacuees in some areas in Bulacan & Fairview. This is just our share as other groups have also donated to Dakila to be able to feed some of the evacution centers. We really have enough to cover for the original 5 sites but since we only ended up with 3 sites for the day, we prepared food good for 5000 people! Plus, we are ready to do Feed 1000  round 2 :)
This day really reminds me of a sunday school story favorite--Jesus feeds the five thousand. Thank you again to all those who sponsored kilos of chicken, pledged ingredients, cash and even brought stuff to our drop off points. This day had truly been a good day to share blessings with others.

Kwento Time
Ok. I'm just really going to make kwento here as my project report is over hehe.
Our initial 5 sites dwindled down to 3 sites as the other two sites were still having problems in terms of coordinating with them, etc. We were left with two sites in Fairview and the one in Marilao, Bulacan. One site in Fairvew had goods and meals for 2000 people sponsored by a group who tied up with Dakila (just like us. although they had a group name and we're just high school classmates who tried to collect as much stuff for this soup kitchen as possible).
So a few mins after 12 noon (yup late already) we were assembled at the barangay hall and planning to transfer the goods and meals to a truck and our van so we can go to the community where 2000 people were eagerly lined up, waiting for the donations. They were really kinda organized with the brgy captain heading the line up and all that.
Right after popping open the back of the van so we can start loading up the goods, we were gathered in a small circle by the group's leader (1521 restaurant owner Tanke Tankeko) and told that they were pulling out. Apparently,  the group found out that the evacuees in Fairview have already received stuff from Sagip Kapamilya ABS-CBN. The 'leader' said that they want to pull out because she promised her stakeholders that she will deliver the stuff to those people who haven't received any help at all. She said she's hoping we can see where they are coming from as they really want to help those who have not gotten any attention yet.
Ok, maybe I see your point.
But you're already here and 2000 people are waiting. It's already after lunch. They are hungry. Some may even be homeless and you can turn your back that easily on them?
Faster than the speed of customers in a Zara sale, they got all their stuff -meals and relief goods- back to their truck, took their van and left. Our team leader even asked them to view the site first so they can at least see that these people need the food. She wasn't informed beforehand that the place had been 'saturated' with help (as the other group's leader put it) but we were determined to help, nonetheless. Again, you can't turn your back on these people who still need help.
To cut the long story short, our leader talked to the brgy captain and apologized. The other group just left, yes, just like that. They didn't even say good bye to us or tell us where they plan to bring the stuff (it's fine I guess, because it's theirs). Oh but they left 200 packed meals, if it's any consolation.
I have been thinking about this since I got home despite the attack of the killer migraine. I could understand how you would want to help those who have not received any help at all. I get that. But what I don't get is how one can easily turn his or her back on another human being who needs help. It broke our hearts to see the long line of faces waiting for their meals. Most carried children with them.
Had we known they will just pull out like that, we would have prepared the meals needed.
I don't get it.

Dearest Lord,
Teach me to be generous.
Teach me to serve you as I should.
To give and not to count the cost.
To fight and not to heed the wounds. To toil and not to seek for rest.
To labor and ask not for reward.
Save that of knowing that I do your most holy will.

We do not choose who to help. We help as much as we can. We help until it hurts and then some more.
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Help Feed 1000 [Oct. 3rd, 2009|11:38 pm]
Thank you everyone for the donations and spreading the word. We have collected enough to feed 1000 tomorrow and even more! :D weeeee.... This is why Help Feed 1000 turns into Help Feed 11,000. With Dakila, Brgy Soup Kitchen and other groups, we are going to 5 different sites ( Fairview (2 sites), Bulacan, Sta. Mesa and Laguna) and feeding 11,000 people.

We are still accepting donations so please if you have anything else to donate, just drop by our building (Again, it's c/o Cheng Carreon Unit 2708 Corinthian Executive Regency Ortigas Ave Pasig City) and someone will receive the donations at the lobby or contact Denise Castro 09178176589 or Sega Roxas 09228965633 (or even me 09052927994).

Again, thanks for all the help. Pray for us tom so we can share your blessings with others.  Also, if you still want to volunteer for the distribution tom, our call time is at 7am at Penpen's in Tomas Morato (Along Sct Castor). We will be loading the trucks in the morning and deployment will be around 10am (depending on which site you'll be going to) to make it in time for lunch. Please text me if you can go.


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it's time to resurrect this blog [Oct. 2nd, 2009|02:29 pm]
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*Edit: Added quantity/amount needed to feed 1000.

Help us feed 1000!

On Sunday, Oct 4, we are joining Barangay Soup Kitchen to bring arroz caldo, eggs, bread and water to the victims of Ondoy. Please help us feed at least 1000 people. You may donate:


50kg of each
Malagkit/Glutinous Rice

50kg of each
Chicken Wings
Chicken Necks

3 kilos of each

Water Gallons

Bring your donations to (c/o Cheng Carreon) the lobby of Corinthian Executive Regency Ortigas Ave Pasig City.

Just because you can't volunteer today doesn't mean you can't help. Spread the word or pledge your donations (cash or ingredients!).
Text or call Cheng Carreon 09052927994 / Denise Castro 09178176589 / Sega Roxas 09228965633
You may also deposit your donations to this account:
BDO Frances Kathrin H. Carreon
Account Number: 4640078210

Thanks for the help and God bless :)

For more information about Barangay Soup Kitchen please visit the Dakila page in Facebook :) http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=143405124343&ref=mf

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Is it time? [Jul. 6th, 2009|12:00 am]
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[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |the humming of the ac and chio's gente snoring..]

Yup. It's time to resurrect this blog. I need an outlet. I can't write like with a pen and paper because my thoughts come faster than I can scribble. I just have to let this all out. And I choose this rather dead blog because not the whole world reads this (I mean as compared to multiply or facebook). So, yey I will write here for the benefit of me. Some happy me time.

But now is not a happy hour.

I'm inis.  

I think I'm doing a good job raising chio for the past 10 months. So no one (especially, not that one) can judge me that Chio's growing up unlike other kids due to the lack of a certain family member. puh-lease.

It's been more than a year people. Get over yourself. Gawd.

Good night.

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im here but not really [Nov. 13th, 2008|11:53 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

so add me up in your multiply instead: happythought.multiply.com, or find me in face book :)
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happy birthday marts! [May. 13th, 2008|09:14 pm]
[Current Location |land far far away]
[mood |happyhappy]

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Half green, half blue [Sep. 22nd, 2007|04:54 pm]
[mood |geekytrying to be a nerd]

September 20, 2007 7.04pm
Half green, half blue
Ok. So it's been what...5 months of being in the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health. But that's not really the point right? The point is, I have been going to an Ateneo school for the past 5 months. LaSallian friends made fun of me before I even started Transition Summer classes. Teasing me endlessly how "atenista" I will become. How I will inevitably lose the animo and soar high with the eagles.
Honestly, I love La Salle to the depths of my cold cold heart. As much as I hate most of the administration (and I am very very very much free to say this now), except for the very few like Bro. Armin, professors like Dr. Sean Mansukhani and Dr. Cabrera, I have to say that La Salle really taught me so many things about the world, about the scary reality of life.  Fresh out of Assumption high school, I was tortured by the hundreds of blind jeepney drivers speeding along taft.  I learned the trick of crossing the street and dodging public vehicles after getting hit by them twice. From high school, my passion to serve and be active in all things patriotic was activated.  La Salle provided the opportunity for me to make me feel like I can make a difference. A concrete one, for that matter. Rallies here and there, NAMFREL involvements, political talks, debating about school rules in the Student Council. And who can forget the never ending task of fighting for students' rights and welfare... The task of helping bring about Supreme Citizen Empowerment.  Of course, Tapat has a lot to do with all of that learning as well.
There were, as I have already mentioned, a few number of faculty and admin who were nice but I guess I should also give credit to those who made life incredibly unfair.  Like Atty. Caraan, whose face I would never forget when I told him that I don't like him, in response to him being mean to my mom when she was called for a parent meeting (yeah, a parent meeting in college).  I guess what I didn't like about the admin there was how little faith they had in the students.  Of course, they were proud and had so much faith in people who were of greater value to them like the teams who brought the fame, the people who were smart and did whatever to bring honor to the school.  Unfortunately, for the greater majority-they are just thought to be little brats who have to be disciplined.
What I like about Ateneo is the faith the administration has in their students.  I am not saying they are perfect people and the students are total angels. I'm just saying that in the little time I have spent here, they have been able to make me feel that this is more than an income-generating establishment (of course it still is ;)) and an actual educational institution not out to find mistakes in its students but to help them grow and learn from setbacks along the way.
It's a very personal experience I am now glad I was able to go through. Dr. Yap, Dr. Banzon, Dr. Querubin, Dr. Mikey Bengzon are just some of the very nice people who helped me get past a very difficult situation I unfortunately got myself in. For this, I am really really thankful for them. And I can see that these people would be more than willing to help all 75 of us, should we find ourselves in an eeky situation.
If La Salle opened my eyes to the harsh, painful realities of this world and made me a stronger person dedicated to go against the current, Ateneo showed me that in spite of the bad things in this world, there are still good people, and re-instilled in me the value of having faith in the good everyone.
So there really is more to this than basketball games. I am half green, half blue.
But I will not forfeit my seat on the green side of the dome. YEY WE WON. hahah.
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july 5 is [Jul. 5th, 2007|04:38 pm]
[mood |chipperaww..]

darl's birthday!
happy birthday to you who's always there and always smiley. who makes me cry sometimes and tells me right away when im not acting like how a cheng should act. hehe. (lets just put it that way).
to you who's forever a best friend and a sister (awww...dar u really are) who would never leave me.
omy! i dont think id be here now if it werent for you.  thanks darl. i love you! and u deserve to be really happy!
funny how even though i dont get to see you ALL the time, you make me feel like you're just here. always. thanks. (kasi e! bat nyo ba ko iniiwanan??? si marts nasa states, ikaw nasa cebu! hasslehoff. bat ganito. hay, id give up all the zaras just for you both to come home)
love you and im here and i'll be there this weekend! woohooo!
see you in bohol! mwah!
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2007|04:34 pm]
[mood |accomplishedhope for the flowers]

school starts.
the highlighters, the yellowpad, my cork board, jordis and a million retractable pencils. finally, i can use them!
what a geek right but ive never been excited to start school. woohooo :)
as pioneer batch of ateneo med school (no THE there..haha) madami pa ding sablay. like today. after a long morning of emotionally draining activities such as sharing and more sharing (leadership class kasi. topic: self awareness), we were dismissed early. no classes in the afternoon. i really dont know if im happy about it.
i just want to start REAL school. as in. i bet we all do. 75 students hungry for the real battle. aching to hold scalpels, wear lab gowns or even our white blazers and start the real dirty work. our first module's supposed to start next next week: cell module. weee. kadire ko. i am GEEK. haha! nerdox man!
meeting my mentor: dr. eduardo banzon
i really wasnt sure if i was excited to know and meet my mentor. what if i end up assigned under someone who doesnt like me? or who's sunget? or really old and boring? im going to spend my entire 5 years in med school under this person. DIZZIZIT. so yesterday, when i was told that im under the guidance and care (for the rest of my med school life) of dr. dodo banzon, i felt relieved.
first, he's a doctor. i mean, not to underestimate the other mentors but not everyone gets a doctor :)
second, he used to be vice president of phil health and he's now working in world bank.
third, it just amazed me how idealistic he still is, despite age. i mean, really. he doesnt go to rallies and all that but he's desire to effect change and help people is very much apparent in his words and thoughts.
amazing. ive always wanted to become a doctor coz i want to help the poor. cure the ones who cannot afford to pay for quality med care. attend to people who need immediate heart surgery but cannot afford the professional fee of the ones who make it happen. i was thinking, if i could heal one person, that makes a small difference right? and one by one, i would be able to effect change.
dr. banzon just opened up a whole new light to effecting change and touching people's lives. working for philhealth and now for the world bank, he made kwento about policies and programs that they want to implement so more of the poor and marginalized could get medical care. galeng. :)
but i think i still want to be a clinician than involve myself in that field. although, its becoming an option now. :)
so far so good i guess. 4 days of classes and all in all, its not that bad. there are hours or minutes, maybe, when it feels like "hay", especially with the malabo plans and sudden changes in sked of the ateneo med school. but so far, its not so bad.
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today is happy [Jun. 27th, 2007|03:08 pm]
[mood |bouncytemporary elation]

start of classes--a few days away: JULY 2. as geeky as this may sound i am uuuuber excited :) woohoo! i even bought jordis na and pens. and highlighters.
fairy princess' princess :)
the weather--cold but not raining. conducive to sleeping. weee :)
i got books--i didnt have to buy all because denise lent me hers. thanks nys!
hello panda overdose...tumbling!

see? theres a lot to be thankful for. i just have to remind myself all the time. smile :)
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